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Ignite Your Passion for Discovery: Vancouver Again!

Ignite Your Passion for Discovery: Vancouver Again!

We love our Ignite events. Vancouver really loves their Ignite events. On May 16th we held our 4th in the area since 2014. This time we featured several community members from Alberta who were attending another Discovery event for leaders. As always, Rose Pillay was in attendance. If you don’t know Rose, she’s worth following

Ignite Your Passion For Discovery: Transformation Stories

This past Wednesday night, 130 educators from Texas, Canada, Florida, and Louisiana gathered for a series of #DEIgnites with the theme “I Used to… But Now I…”: Stories of Transformation.  The evening was filled with a series of short, energizing presentations shared by members of your Discovery Education Community mid-week of the TCEA 2017 conference. The

Ignite Your Passion For Discovery, FETC 2017 Edition

Ignite Your Passion For Discovery, FETC 2017 Edition, brought over 70 educators together to connect, learn, and share around the theme of “I used to…But now I…” Stories of Transformation.  Presenters and participants traveled from near and far for this first Ignite event at FETC. Topics ranged from the human aspect of education to the

Ignite Your Passion for Discovery Edmonton, AB edition

This is actually our 2nd event in Edmonton in 2016. Thanks to the efforts of Diane Lefebvre and host district Edmonton Catholic, we had a terrific evening with a huge variety of talks. We heard talks about life-changing events, mental health, classroom transformations as well as our first singing Ignite talk . Here’s a list

Ignite Your Passion for Discovery Winnipeg, MB edition

It sounds repetitive and almost cliche but once again we had an amazing night of community and learning. The Winnipeg Ignites from 2014 and 2015  had some of the widest range of presenters. This year was no exception. From classroom teachers to principals, to district leaders to storytellers and authors, we were privileged to 10

Ignite Your Passion for Discovery: Richmond, BC edition

We kicked off our new series of Ignite events in grand style as we invaded Celli’s pub on a rainy evening last week in the Vancouver, BC area. In conjunction with the CEA annual conference on First Nations, we partnered to include some outstanding presentations from conference presenters from across Canada. This year’s theme that

Ignite Your Passion is Back for 2016-2017

It’s back! If you don’t know what “it” is, check out our past Ignite event summaries. But if you don’t know and you’re too lazy to click that link, let me summarize. Ignite events are informal networking events usually hosted at a local watering hole featuring 8-10 five minute ignite style talks but community members.