Don't keep secrets… report all trainings and events so you can sport your new DEN apparel!

Don't keep secrets… report all trainings and events so you can sport your new DEN apparel!

What’s in your “bag” of tricks? Have you shared your unitedstreaming knowledge and expertise?Did you learn something cool at a workshop and want to train others? If you are already a STAR Discovery Educator or aspiring to become a STAR Discovery Educator , we have a special opportunity just for you! Beginning October 1, 2006

Bend the ear of Discovery Atlas Producer! Too Awesome to Miss!

Go ‘behind the scenes" with DISCOVERY: ATLAS Producer Shannon Malone! You’re invited to a Q&A webinar on Monday, October 16 at 4:00 PM (EST) with DISCOVERY ATLAS Producer Shannon Malone.  During the webinar Shannon will explain her role in the production of the DISCOVERY ATLAS series and share her learning experiences and adventures during filming.  If

T+L Events to Remember

All week we have been posting information on how you can get involved in the T+L Conference being held in Dallas.  If you have missed any of the information, here is a recap.  Get Your DEN RibbonIdentify yourself as a Discovery Educator by stopping by the Discovery Education booth (booth 236) to pick up your

The T and L Dinner Bell Rings for all DEN Educators

Join us to rustle up some grub at Eddie Deen’s Ranch on Wednesday, November 8, 2006.  This event is open to all Discovery Educators attending the T+L Conference or willing to make the trip to Eddie Deen’s.  Food, fun and networking will be the focus of the night.  Hope to see your there! Dinner Details

STAR DEN Special Opportunity at T and L Conference

On Tuesday, November 7, 2006 we will be hosting an exclusive STAR Discovery Educator event providing attendees an opportunity to be a kid again…sort of.  This full-day event will start with a powerful, interactive presentation by Deneen Frazier Bowen called “The Natives Are Restless.”  Deneen’s presentation will get STAR Discovery Educators into the mindset of their

Cool T + L Conference DEN Activities!

The T+L Conference, sponsored by NSBA (National School Boards Association), is being held next month from November 7 through November 10, 2006 in Dallas, Texas.  If you are a Discovery Educator and are planning to attend, come join us for some special Discovery Educator Network events. Every day this week we will be posting additional

DEN Only Digital Storytelling Day of Discovery

Another fabulous Day of Discovery is planned for Friday, October 20 at The Abbey in Fontana, Wisconsin.   Bernajean Porter, renown Digital Storytelling expert (see Digitales) will keynote sharing the ART of crafting digital stories.  Be sure to visit Bernajean’s web site and view the Storykeeper’s Gallery.  My favorite is a story with a message for all

Day of Discovery Registration Information

REGISTER NOW… for an awesome back-to-school DEN experience! What:   Day of Discovery  – Explore digital media integration, educational podcasting, unitedstreaming updates, and digital storytelling with DEN Staff and WI DEN Leaders.  Keynote by the Director of the DEN, Scott Kinney, on the evolution of digital media in the classroom. See the attached detailed Agenda! Download

Kick off the 2006-07 School Year with Discovery!

Start off the 2006-07 School Year with Discovery at Discovery World! (check back for updates as more details unfold!) This will be the first major statewide Wisconsin DEN event and a FUN and very energizing one!  You will also learn more about this incredible new science, technology and innovation hands-on exhibit museum!   For more information

Two Days of Discovery Coming this Fall!

While it may appear rather quiet in terms of Wisconsin DEN activity the reality is that there is much going on!  My are focused on some special events and plans are underway now! Summer is a time to relax, enjoy, renew, attend special professional development opportunities and academies, and celebrate decent weather in Wisconsin!   But…