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DEN Reads and Shares

DEN Reads and Shares

Check out the next installment of great books shared by DEN members! These are some fabulous ideas for professional reads.     The Six Secrets of Change  Michael Fullan 978-1-118-15260-7 Rating: 5: DEN Finger Worthy This is a great read for leaders in education. Not only are the six secrets easy to incorporate, but Fullan

DEN Reads… and Shares

Are you ready to stock up on some summer reading? Check out some of these great professional suggestions from our fellow DEN Readers! We will post new suggestions every week. Don’t forget that you can add your own favorites and earn points for DEN Spring Training. Make your recommendations HERE!   Flip Your Classroom: Reach

DEN Reads

Lots of teachers love to use Spring Break as a time to catch up on some reading. Did you check out any of the recommendations from our DEN Reads Campaign? If you explored your own new title, article, or blog  add your own recommendation for others to see!   Need something to tide you over

DEN Reads… and Shares!

A few weeks ago, we kicked off the DEN Reads Campaign. We are hoping that our DEN readers and leaders will share their favorite books as recommendations for others. Several of our readers have really stepped up, and we wanted to share a bit of what the DEN is reading this month! Check out these

DEN Reads!

“Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers.” Harry S. Truman   Most articles that cite the common traits and habits of great leaders say that being a reader is one of them. Leaders read everything, not as an attempt at intellectual elitism, but for the constant consumption of knowledge. Even Forbes magazine