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DEN Trend Report: 2/25/16

DEN Trend Report: 2/25/16

In this DEN Trend Report
>The Math Revolution: The number of American teens who excel at advanced math has surged. Why?
>4 Ways Technology Can Simplify Learning
>The 4 Conditions That Support Deeper Learning
>Report: Schools Need Better Training To Distribute Leadership
>What Does Research Really Say About iPads In The Classroom?
>Digital Promise Pushes Microcredentials For Teacher PD
>5 Ways To Give Teachers And Principals More Say In Ed-Tech Buying
>Districts Experiment With Virtual ‘Work From Home’ Days For Students
>20 Ways To Use A Tablet In The Classroom
>School Leadership Toolkit Targets Digital Equity
>Here’s One Way To Fight To End The Digital Divide: Strong Leadership In Schools
>How Finland Broke Every Rule — And Created A Top School System

DEN Trend Report: 2/10/16

In this DEN Trend Report:
>How The Education System Is Leveraging Innovation And Technology To Help Students Compete
>Technology In Education: An Overview
>10 Must-Know Professional Development Insights from Discovery Education
>5 Ways To Make The Most Of Virtual Field Trips
>Virtual Reality: Poised to Bring Big Changes to Education?
>Watch 14 Thought Leadership Presentations From A Recent Ed-Tech Symposium
>A Little Bird Told Me: RSS Uses Twitter As Professional Development Tool

DEN Trend Report: 1/27/16

In this DEN Trend Report:
>Spending In Nation’s Schools Falls Again, With Wide Variation Across States
>Researchers Say U.S. Schools Could Learn From Other Countries On Teacher PD
>New Platform Will Help Districts Compare, Contrast Internet Access
>Wi-Fi-Enabled School Buses Leave No Child Offline
>A Tale Of Three Tech Rollouts: Challenge And Success In North Carolina
>Schools Turn to Digital Tools for Personalizing Career Searches

DEN Trend Report: 1/20/16

In this DEN Trend Report:
>What’s Hot, What’s Not in 2016
>Report: Education Tech Spending On The Rise
>6 Fun Tools To Teach Creativity Through Music
>A Teacher, A Committee Member And A Parent Walk Into A Blog
>Education Technology Graduates From The Classroom To The Boardroom
>What High Performing Countries Have To Teach Us About Teacher Training
>Competitive Ed-Tech Grants Fuel Teacher Innovation
>Digital Tools Aim to Personalize Literacy Instruction
>Outlook: Leaders Focus On Each Student
>Why Kindergarten Is The New First Grade

DEN Trend Report: 1/6/16

In this DEN Trend Report:
>Why More Students Are On Board For Coding Instruction – In Kindergarten
>As Graduation Rates Rise, Experts Fear Diplomas Come Up Short
>12 Critical Issues Facing Education in 2016
>The Promise of Digital Equity
>Keys To Leading A Successful Digital Transition

DEN Trend Report: 12/9/15

In this DEN Trend Report:
>5 Ways To Teach Kids (And Grownups) About Science
>Google’s Chromebooks Make Up Half of US Classroom Devices
>School Internet Access Shows Big Progress, New Report Shows
>Study: Millennials Spend More Than 3 Hours A Day On Mobile Phones
>What, And How, Do Rural Teens Want To Read?
>To Measure What Tests Can’t, Some Schools Turn To Surveys
>Growing Push to Expose More Students to Computer Science

DEN Trend Report: 12/2/15

In this DEN Trend Report:
>‘Not a Math Person’: How To Remove Obstacles To Learning Math
>K-8 Classroom Technology Use Increasing
>Wanted: 100,000 New STEM Teachers
>Media Usage Highest Among Poor, Minority Youth, Report Finds
>The Incubator School: E Is For Experimental & Entrepreneur
>Zuckerberg Commits $20 Million To Bring Internet To Schools
>Parents Say Tech Is Mostly Good; The Count Is Out On Social Networking
>Not Just Video Games: Students Learn How To Use Simulation for Education
>Cellphones Make A Comeback In The Classroom, With Teachers’ Support

DEN Trend Report: 11/18/15

In this DEN Trend Report
>The Ever-Growing Ed-Tech Market
>Putting The “A” In STEAM
>Comcast Launches Internet Essentials Learning Zone In Baltimore
>How To Build A Better Teacher: Groups Push A 9-Point Plan Called TeachStrong
>Report: The Way We Buy Digital Instructional Materials May Need An Overhaul
>Principals Go to School to Learn Management Savvy
>To Reform a Struggling High School, Try This Rhode Islander’s Approach
>Given Internet Access, Can Kids Really Learn Anything By Themselves?
>#8to18 Yr Olds Use Media Constantly: Why You Shouldn’t Freak Out Abt The @CommonSenseEdu @CommonSenseMedia Study
>How To Provide Kids With Screen Time That Supports Learning
>What Educators Want from Digital Tools 2.0
>The Digital Revolution Is Coming to the Classroom
>The Difference Between A Lead Learner And A Principal

DEN Trend Report: 11/4/15

In this DEN Trend Report:
>How NGSS Transforms Science Class With Hands-On Learning
>How Teachers And Entrepreneurs Should Think About Education Technology
>Help for Homework Help: Teaching Parents Common Core Math
>Teachers Need More Time, Money And Prestige, Report Says
>’Madden NFL’ Makes A Play For The Classroom
>The Digital Disparities Facing Lower-Income Teenagers
>Education Systems Around The World Are Failing To Prepare Students For The Workforce: Survey
>Report: Leadership, Transparent Procurement, Flexible Budgeting Key To Digital Materials Acquisition
>U.S. To Spend Millions On Educating Pakistani Girls

DEN Trend Report: 10/28/15

In this week’s DEN Trend Report:
>What Are The Nation’s Most Innovative K-12 Schools?
>New Professional Standards For School Leaders Are Approved
>Middle School Students Dispel Technology Myths
>No More Pencils, No More Books
>In Successful Edtech, Pedagogy Comes First–Devices Second
>What I Learned About Technology and Rural Education at NREA
>This Ninth Grader Invented A Device That Harvests Power From Ocean Waves