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DEN Trend Report: 10/21/15

DEN Trend Report: 10/21/15

In this week’s DEN Trend Report
>Blended Learning In Action
>STEM Is Alive And Well
>Kids Learn STEM Through Fashion Design
>In Schools, Google’s Laptops Will Soon Outnumber All Other Devices Combined
>Should Schools Embrace eDays To Make Up For Weather?
>Americans: Math Is a Must-Have and Science Is ‘Cool’ Again
>Number Of Home-Schooled Students Increases In The District

DEN Trend Report: 09/30/15

In this DEN Trend Report:
>When Schools Overlook Introverts
>Video Gaining As Key Tool In Teacher-Learning Plans
>Google Virtual-Reality System Aims To Enliven Education
>The Digital Learning Plan Every Educator Should Read
>Michelle Obama: Girls, Don’t Hold Back In School
>What Role Can States Play In Developing Effective Principals?
>STEM Should Broaden, Not Narrow, The Curriculum
>4 Things Innovative Districts Do To Improve Graduation Rates

DEN Trend Report: 9/16/15

In this DEN Trend Report we’re featuring
>Chromebooks Command Close To Half Of K-12 Computing Market, Analyst Says
>Danica Patrick Shares Her Drive For Success: ‘Be The Best … Not The Best Girl.’
>Code.org Trains 15,000 Teachers In Computer Science
>Why We Must Address Digital Equity Right Now
>What Grade Should U.S. K-12 Schools Get For STEM Education?
>Teacher Development Is Built On ‘Good Intentions’ And ‘False Assumptions’
>Positive Approaches to Digital Citizenship

DEN Trend Report: 9/2/15

In this DEN Trend Report:
>From Media Specialists To Digital Literacy Leaders
>Technology Reshapes Education, ‘Making Thinking Visible’
>3 Ways Mobile Technology Is Transforming Learning Spaces
>Ready Or Not, Here It Comes: Remaking Teacher Training With An Innovative Twist
>Three Ways Ed-Tech Can Help Bring Back The “Cool” Science Teacher
>20 Edtech Concepts And Devices That Every Teacher Should Know About
>Apps To Bring Math And Science Skills Back After Summer
>These 10 Trends Are Shaping The Future Of Education

DEN Trend Report: 8/26/15

>Should Students Learn Coding? Students, Schools Disagree, Poll Finds
>States Gaining A Say On School Accountability
>It’s Time To Ask How E-Rate Will Impact Learning Outcomes
>Three Ways Software Is Empowering Teachers
>8 Little-Known Video Resources Popular With Teachers
>The Nation’s ‘STEAM’ Engine For Jobs Of The Future
>Kids Receive 3 Times The Recommended Homework Load, Study Says

DEN Trend Report: 8/5/15

In this DEN Trend Report learn more about…
>Teaching Preschoolers To Use Computers — Along With Their Parents
>Could Small Tweaks Reap Big Rewards In Math Education?
>Digital Literacy Yields Test Gains, Better Behavior
>The Toughest Job In Education? Maybe Not
>’Flipped Museum’ Pilot Upends Traditional Field Trip Model
>Homework Might Be Routine, But Tech Can Make It Meaningful
>5 Ways The Tech Industry Is Reshaping The Education System As We Know It

DEN Trend Report: 7/22/15

In this week’s DEN Trend Report we’re featuring:
>What’s Next: Blended Learning 2.0
>The Eight Components Of Great Professional Development
>Senators Push For Digital Equity For All Students
>Schools, Organizations to Compare Notes on Education Innovation Clusters
>Survey: Teachers Uncomfortable Using Data To Adapt Instruction
>White House Announces ConnectHome Initiative to Address the Homework Gap
>Which Cities Are the Top Ed-Tech Hubs?
>New Checklist Aims To Help Parents Engage With Schools

DEN Trend Report: 6/24/15

In this report we’re featuring:
>5 Devices For K–12 One-To-One Initiatives
>When School’s Out, Millions Of Kids Go Hungry
>Survey: 93 Percent of Teachers Believe That Personal Devices Connect Students to Real-World Learning
>New Bill Would Support Innovative Internet Pilots For Students
>Inspired By Serial, Teens Create Podcasts As A Final Exam
>Glued To The Screen: A Third Grade Class Where Kids Spend 75% Of The Day On Ipads
>Poor Students Often Lack A Home Internet Connection. Is This FCC Program A Solution?