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DfE update — NFER Teacher voice omnibus Research report July 2016

DfE update — NFER Teacher voice omnibus Research report July 2016

There has been much activity recently in the world of education, so I thought I would highlight some of the findings from this report (available to view here) — a survey of teachers’ and school leaders including topics of assessment, accountability and character. Almost 200 respondents from over 1500 schools completed the survey (the primary

DfE update: Educational Excellence Everywhere

Educational Excellence Everywhere – a white paper from the Department for Education March 2016 The 128 page white paper from the DfE entitled Educational excellence everywhere, is described as setting out the Government’s vision for educational excellence. It goes on to state that ‘government will be disciplined in resisting the temptation to make additional requests’.

Effective Planning – some refreshing advice

This is a guest post from our Founder and Director of Content, Lewis Bronze MBE, a big thank you to Lewis for contributing to our community blog. To find out more about Lewis please see his bio at the end of the blog post. As the temperature hots up in the political debates surrounding education,

DfE – grammar and punctuation SATS 2016

This post pulls together some key information regarding the forthcoming SATS test, featuring a new uplevelled test for grammar and punctuation. These uplevelled SATS will obviously be a challenge for schools to face this year, and through Discovery Education Espresso, we provide support for schools, teachers and students with our engaging resources. There will be

DfE updates: Assessment

With all the changes to assessment, this first post in our ‘DfE updates’ series brings together some resources from the DfE that may be of use. This summary video from the Standards and Testing Agency (just over 10 minutes) details the key changes for primary schools, KS1 and KS2. This is the final report of