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February 2019: Fact, opinion, or fake news?

February 2019: Fact, opinion, or fake news?

How can a student, searching the Web to learn something new, know if they have landed on a non-credible site? Without a knowledge-base in the topic, it may be hard for them to determine incorrect information. I have been working with critical evaluation of Web material since the inception of the graphical Web. As I

Lively Lessons: Digital Citizenship

Working on your weekly lesson plans? This Lively Lesson will provide Discovery Education content and lesson plan ideas. In our month-long celebration of the Constitution and citizenship, we’re extending the discussion to include digital citizenship with a webinar featuring Dr. Devorah Heitner, founder and CEO of Raising Digital Natives. Dr. Heitner’s Discovery Education online event,

Positive Approaches to Digital Citizenship

The  role of students has evolved in the last decade. Where once they were focused on how to make a difference in their local communities, today’s students are making a larger impact in their global community, primarily though their role as digital citizens.  It’s a hot topic that’s often lumped in with internet safety, but

Taking Another Look at ‘Think Before You Link’

Kyle Schutt wrote a post last month on ‘Are Your Students Safe Online?’ sharing about the new Intel © Security Digital Safety Program: Think Before You Link. Not to be biased (OK, well maybe just a little!), but any time Discovery Education partners with another organization I know I need to take a closer look.

Are Your Students Safe Online?

Intel® Security and Discovery Education have teamed up to create the Intel® Security Digital Safety Program: Think Before You Link.  This initiative is designed to empower the next generation of digital citizens with the tools they need to make smart, secure, and responsible decisions online. After reviewing the site (http://www.thinkbeforeyoulinkinschool.com), I’ve highlighted a few activities that