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Make a Splash with SplashCast!

Add Mike_Bryant’s channel to your page The above embed comes from SplashCast.  I’ve played around with this service for about a month now, unable to decide if it’s any better than some other tools out there.  On one hand, SplashCast allows you to throw a lot of different file types into a single presentation.  This

Tabbloid: A Web 2.0 app for non-Web 2.0 people!

If newspapers are old school, and aggregators are new school, then consider Tabbloid the rest area on the highway between the two.  Tabbloid is a simple Web 2.0 application that allows you to submit a set of RSS feeds along with an email address, and then have sent to you a newsletter via email that

Speechable: Add speech bubbles to your images

I think the title says it all.  Sometimes, the best Web 2.0 sites are the simplest!  Speechable let’s you upload your images and add bubbles to them.  That’s it.  Wham bam, done. When you’ve finished one, you can either use their embed code to put it in your blog/website or just download it yourself.  I

Got Too Many Profiles? AtomKeep will help

 There’s plenty of sites that will allow you to update dozens of your social sites at once (Ping.fm,  hellotext.com,  upcoming.me) which is handy to broadcast your messages all over the social web.  However, what’s more difficult is maintaining each of those different sites and ensuring that your information is accurate!  How many profiles do you

Edmodo: Twitter DESIGNED for the classroom

Without a doubt, Twitter has taken the education community by storm.  However, there really aren’t all that many people who are using it in the classroom.  Let’s face it, it just isn’t designed to be used in a teacher/student environment. Edmodo is. Jeffrey O’Hara is the network administrator/webmaster for Community Unit School District 200 in Wheaton, Illinois.  I

GoAnimate – Animation that I actually get.

I’m almost embarrassed to admit this, but I really don’t understand Flash.  I’ve sat in on a couple of workshops to learn how to use it, but there’s just something about “Tweens” and stuff that I just don’t get.  Because of that, I’ve constrained myself to comic strips and the like. On a friend’s reccomendation,

Animoto for Education – Free is good!

We’ve partnered with Animoto in the past, culminating in them giving free access to every DEN teacher during Teacher Appreciation Week.  But now they’ve just gone over the top.  We’re pleased to announce a new service exclusively for teachers. Animoto for Education (http://education.animoto.com) gives teachers, grades K-12, unlimited access to the full range of Animoto’s