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Ning: Build your own MySpace

Simulblogged @ Teach42.com This is one blip on the radar to keep your eyes on.  After playing with it for half an hour, I started to get that funny feeling that this one could very well be a winner for many educators. The site is called Ning.  I first read about it on TechCrunch, and

Done much social networking lately?

I was just talking with a few DEN members over dinner last night at METC about how students are spending so much time on social networking websites and how few educators there are who use them. So my question to you today is, what social networking websites are you on?  Do you actually use them? 

Online Video Editing

TechCrunch has a great comparison of the various online video editors that are available right now.  I’ve used most of them and so far my favorite is clearly JumpCut, but different tools for different purposes.  I may wind up doing some individual reviews of a few of newer sites, but if you’re looking for a

Students finished with their work? Let them Wabble!

Just a little fun for a dreary winter day (in Chicago).  When I was monitoring the computer lab at my old school, it was constantly a struggle to keep kids on task, or when they were done with their projects, to make sure they were occupied with something that was even remotely educational.  Well, here’s

Share your slides with Slideshare

So I was over on the newly republished California blog and loved the way Dave Kootman chose to introduce the California Leadership Council to us.  He created a powerpoint of all the members of the council, and used a site called Slideshare to embed it into the blog post.  By using Slideshare, people don’t need

Ditch iTunes with Floola

Got an iPod?  If so, then you’re probably the victim of an arranged marriage to iTunes.  Like it or not, that iPod really wants to hook up with iTunes, and unfortunately many schools don’t allow the use of iTunes on school computers.  So hypthetically, let’s say you wanted to add unitedstreaming videos to your iPod

Skrbl Pad: Your digital whiteboard in a pinch

There are times when you don’t really realize that you need a tool until you actually NEED it?  Digital whiteboards tend to fall into that category.  10 people are sitting around in a meeting, and after putting all the notes up on a physical whiteboard, everyone realizes that eventually the whiteboard is going to be

Quick and easy buddy icons and image hosting.

It seems that every site you register at asks you for a photo of yourself, so it’s really helpful to have way to handle what should be a relatively simple task at hand.  Of course, if this isn’t for a profile or buddy icon, you may need somewhere to put the image, so I’ll also