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C-SPAN’s Documentary Contest

C-SPAN’s Documentary Contest

          I have just touched on some of the different genres that you can employ when creating your own videos for learning: commercials, public service announcements, movie trailers, etc. A documentary can be one of the most challenging because you have to extract the story as it unfolds through your interviewing and

A Four Star Review

     I’m sure that most of us got into education for the sheer joy of teaching and working with children. We watched our own teachers and were inspired. But nobody warned us about grading and paper work and that was probably one of the great surprises of student teaching. Evaluating really creative work like

Emmy, Anyone?

       Every spring, about a month before school lets out, the Chicagoland Television Educators Council gathers to celebrate and honor the best work of the students from our member schools. One of the high points of the day attended by 300+ young visual storytellers is the awarding of “Emmys” by our local NATAS

Awesome Kits

     Digital Storytelling or Makin’ Movies doesn’t have to be a big technological or Hollywood production. A good way to get your feet wet and let your students concentrate on understanding and sharing is to take advantage of kits and grouped resources like Awesome Stories. Before our good buddy Hall Davidson left KOCE he

Awesome Stories

     Here’s another quick gift. For the time being the Awesome Stories website is waiving its $9.95 annual fee for educators and individuals. It’s ALWAYS FREE for educators, see below. An education account allows up to 50 people to log on at the same time. Great for researching with your classes!     Here’s how

What’s Shot, Doc?

       Picking up on the “camera as character” line from the last post and preparing for the “Lights, Camera, Education!” webinar on January 24th, I thought I’d share some thoughts and video clips a friend and I made for my former school district a few years ago. Students seemed to take to their

Makin’ Movies

      Since we’re still in the 12 day gift giving window, here’s something just for you – a free, bulk subscription to “Student Filmmaker” magazine for schools and universities in the US. Just download the application from this site. This magazine leans more towards older students and longer projects, but there is always an

End of the Year

     I’m always a little leery of the barrage of end of the year shows and columns. I’m hesitant to join the cacophony myself, but it is a natural time to reflect and look ahead.      I hope that I have begun to show the wonderful variety of styles and tools available to