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Making Moving Pictures

      This was just going to be a simple review of a very powerful program for adding the “Ken Burns” effect or panning and zooming around a picture. PhotoToMovie ($49.95 for both PC’s and Mac) is such a powerful program for doing that, that people have been able to make commercials and DVD’s with

Media Matters

Let’s all welcome Hall Davidson and his Media Matters blog to the DEN blogoshere. I’m sure it will be a great place to learn, share and have some fun. And speaking of fun, you should go right over there to see what this familiar lookiing elf is all about.

Scanning Basics and Beyond

     Using a scanner to digitize primary sources like photographs, documents and original artwork for your stories is the rock solid foundation of digital storytelling. But choosing and using a scanner can be a challenge. My own research this week, visiting local stores and poking around on the internet, turned up incredible combinations of

Magazine Covers and Comic Life

We’ve been having a little discussion over in the discussion boards about students creating their own magazine covers as a way to express their personalities and tell their story. Along those lines, how about making a comic book or graphic novel? But this program is just for Macintosh users They have a PC version now


     Here’s another program that’s right under your nose (if you are a PC with XP user). To get it, all you’ll have to do is visit Microsoft’s site to download your free copy (remember, XP required!). Yes, there are a number of things that it doesn’t do, chiefly not video. But it is

‘Tis the Season

       Since the winter gift giving frenzy is upon us and we all know educators use vacations to catch up on things, I thought I’d give the next few weeks over to advice about how to spend both money and time this holiday season. In the tradition of Kathy Schrock (see the archive

Another Reason to Give Thanks

For almost half of my life, on and off, I’ve lived in a four generation family. My birth in the middle of the last century of this recently passed millennium made my grandmothers’ mothers (both Irish immigrants born barely a decade after the Civil War) great-grandmothers. Yesterday the family clock turned again when my daughter

Telling Tales Out of School

     I am just a bit jaded when it comes to digital storytelling presentations. I know I can and will always learn something, but it’s also something I’ve spent a lot of time on. So last week at our (Illinois) fall state EdTech conference, I was absolutely delighted to wander into “Digitelling for Educators”

Shooting Sound

      The last external microphone I’d like to explore is the “shotgun” or “boom” mic. This is a good device for recording in a group or picking up the surrounding/ambient noise. This soccer game clip (Download ShotBoom.mov) really doesn’t do it justice, but hopefully you’ll get the idea. The first time I ever used