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Geek Haste

     In my rush to show off my collection of remote microphones, I skipped a very basic step. If you’re going to upgrade your sound capability, the easiest and cheapest solution is to get a couple of external, noise-cancelling microphones for your computers/labs. My recommendation is to get a headphone/mic combination. Why? Because none

Share the Love

     I took a variety of remote microphones out to my daughter’s last soccer game of the season last Sunday and tried to get some representative footage of what situations they might be good in. Today we’ll zero on the traditional handheld mic. With a long enough wire, it could be connected directly to

Sound Advice

     Since I’m just polishing up some things about recording sound that I will be adding to my “Digital Storytelling: Makin’ Movies” presentation on Friday, sound might be a good topic for the rest of the week. Now, my bold advice: get Audacity!     It’s free. It’s powerful. It doesn’t cost anything. It works

Telling the New Story

     OK, it may not be digital storytelling. But it is digital and it is a story that needs to be told. And though David Warlick’s scheduled topic for the next EdTechConnect webinar on November 15th is the flattening of the classroom in a world that we already know is flat, it’s still part

T+L MovieFest Vol. 3

     Here’s a quick look at the two high school finalists in NSBA’s T+L 20th anniversary Moviefest (click this link to see the movies). The winner, Eastwood High School in El Paso, Texas, takes the green screen/chroma key effect off the back wall and wraps it around a mysterious visitor from the future in

T+L MovieFest Vol. 2

     Today we’re looking at the movie trailers from the grade 6-8 finalists in NSBA’s T+L 20th anniversary Moviefest (click this link to see the movies). First up is the winner from Maitland, Florida’s Hebrew Day School SMS. Their movie trailer “2026” lets the visuals do the most of the talking. Once again, black

T+L MovieFest Vol. 1

     Let’s take a look at the two K-5 honorees from the NSBA’s T+L 20th anniversary Moviefest (click this link to see the movies). I’m going to skip over the story elements and go right to the filming techniques as they might be the more unfamiliar part of the stories, but very easy to

T+L in Dallas

     Since a number of our DEN colleagues are packing and heading to Dallas for the National School Board Association’s T+L twentieth anniversary conference this week and since this conference was my first official event as a DEN member, I thought that I would make it the focus of this blog for the week.