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A picture by any other name…

A picture by any other name…

     …may not smell so sweet. Sorry, Mr. Shakespeare! As I begin to put together a FAQ on digital storytelling and as a follow-up to my “Pixel Perfect” post, I thought it might be a good time to talk about the alphabet soup of picture/graphic extensions.     BMP, "bitmapped", is the uncompressed standard for

In Her Own Words

     It was just about two weeks ago that I struggled to condense a full day with Bernajean Porter down to a couple of blog size paragraphs. Our own Brad Fountain has gone me one better and posted a podcast of an interview he did with Bernajean after our day together. This is the

Author! Author!

     When Brad Fountain (ETV Digital Storytelling Training) shared his Kay Teehan based PowerPoint on digital storytelling with me a few weeks ago, I thought there was enough information there for a book. I am happy to report that Kay, a STAR Discovery Educator from Florida,  heeded my unspoken and unoffered advice. She has

Pixel Perfect

     A picture or graphic scanned or saved at 72 dpi (dots per inch) is good enough for a web page or a computer screen, but not good for a video. And definitely not good for either if you’re going to enlarge it for presentation software or expect it to fill a video’s screen.


     I spent a lovely day in Lake Geneva, WI yesterday with about 80 DEN educators from both Illinois and Wisconsin and my young, old friend Bernajean Porter. Bernajean’s site Digitales will be a frequent stop on this blog’s journey. Here are a few morsels from our very full day focusing on the the

Digital Storytelling vs. Making Movies

     I’ve always qualified my presentations on digital storytelling with the disclaimer “Makin’ Movies” because there are some differences in approach between “classical” digital storytelling and the videos that I promoted in my school district. Here is a brief comparison between the Center for Digital Storytelling’s seven elements.     1. Point of View is


     "Opinions build walls, stories build bridges." Christina Baldwin, Storycatcher     I just started thumbing through the Center for Digital Storytelling’s new edition of Digital Storytelling: Capturing Lives, Creating Community. I didn’t make it through the first paragraph before I could hear author Joe Lambert’s voice and see his face. No, really! Sort of… 

Lights! Camera! Popcorn!

     There’s nothing more exciting in digital storytelling than sharing. Whether it’s kindergartners or senior citizens, stories are made to be told and heard. It’s in our genes. ISMF recognizes that and, popcorn provided, set aside three rooms on Wednesday evening to screen any of the 900+ entries. Yes, I said any! Attendees’ work

Adobe Premiere Elements

     I’m sitting in the back of the Continental Room at ISMF with a few other adults watching about 40 students share sixteen computers running Adobe’s Premiere Elements. To give you an idea of the tenor of these workshops, when our very capable presenter hit a little snag importing, a student quickly volunteered the