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heasulli's daily diigo bookmarks 05/03/2008

heasulli's daily diigo bookmarks 05/03/2008

Twitter Fan Wiki / Apps tags: edtech Top News – University nixes web access during class tags: edtech University of Chicago Law School officials have a simple message for their students: less web surfing, more listening. The school announced April 11 that the distractions afforded by wireless internet access no longer will be available during

heasulli's daily diigo bookmarks 05/01/2008

Top News – Blogging helps encourage teen writing tags: edtech Blogging helps encourage teen writing Survey reveals that student bloggers are more prolific and appreciate the value of writing more than their peers Buried beneath the alarm of writing “purists,” however, was a promising finding with equally important implications for schools: Blogging is helping many teens

heasulli's daily diigo bookmarks 04/29/2008

Live Mesh Tech Preview tags: edtech hello – post by babybaby A Google Prototype for a Precision Image Search – New York Times tags: edtech Google researchers say they have a software technology intended to do for digital images on the Web what the company’s original PageRank software did for searches of Web pages. VisualRank,

heasulli's daily diigo bookmarks 04/17/2008

The LoTi Connection – LoTi Lounge tags: edtech Around the Web – Publishers sue Georgia State on digital reading matter tags: edtech Online Communications tags: edtech Making Right Turns Saves Gas, Time – News Story – WRC | Washington – Annotated tags: conservation, edtech, earthday WASHINGTON — There is a way to save both time