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DEN Virtual Conference – April 25th

DEN Virtual Conference – April 25th

  Spring Into Action at the Discovery Educator Network (DEN) Virtual Conference on Saturday, April 25th (9 AM to 3 PM EDT).  Join thousands of educators who are passionate about integrating media into their instruction and collaborating with each other to improve student achievement. During this unique (and free) professional development event attendees have the

Biggest DEN Announcement EVER!!!

Here’s a cross-post from the DEN National Blog: THIS IS AWESOME!!!! Australia, South Africa, and China + 9 DEN STARs + 36 DEN STAR Students + Your Dream Come True = A Discovery Student Adventure! It’s the ultimate equation for DEN STARs and definitely our dream come true for you! We are thrilled to announce

The Vanishing Frog

                     Thursday evening, I was privileged to attend a screening for Jeff Corwin’s The Vanishing Frog, a new Animal Planet Documentary in Charlotte, NC at the Discovery Place.  Jeff began his presentation by stating “It was hard to get people to see that frogs are sexy things,” and I very much agreed.  He

DEN Virtual Conference – October 25, 2008! Registration is Open!!!

  Here’s a cross-post from the National DEN Blog … DEN Virtual Conference: Registration is Now Open! Join us in-person, online or both, on Saturday, October 25th for the DEN Virtual Conference. Registration is now open! The DEN Virtual Conference features an incredible lineup of online presentations including “Power Up Your Professional Learning Network” by STAR

Streamathon Archives

Discovery has posted the vast majority of the 2008 DE streamathon presentations as archives!  If you visit the streamathon page you’ll see that most of the presentations are now hyperlinked.  Click on a hyperlink and you will begin to download a high resolution archive of that presentation.  Each archive is about 100-200 MB so the downloads may

DENliest Catch Fall Promotion!!!

Have you heard? The DEN just announced the DENliest Catch Fall Promotion:  https://blog.discoveryeducation.com/blog/2008/09/26/denliest-catch-08/.  Let’s go SOUTH REGION – we can take it this time.  Last Spring, Kim Randall and her dedicated team of DENners in the West won it.  We can do it South Region.  Let’s get out there…talk to all your fellow teachers, colleagues, anyone who will