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Mousey Monday – Discovery Student Adventures

Mousey Monday – Discovery Student Adventures

                        Happy Mousey Monday to all of our Cache and Cookie readers! Mousey wants to share the 2013 and 2014 Discovery Student Adventures! http://www.discoverystudentadventures.com/   This is the Ultimate Field Trip! There are no hidden costs, no extra charges and no add-on expenses. Discovery

A Trip of a Lifetime!

As anyone in education knows, the end of a school year is always hectic. When your building has been under construction for a year with one to go, and a wing of teachers plus has to relocate, you have just redefined any notion of a busy wind down to the end. So, you might have

Experience the Adventure with your Students

As you may know, 10 STAR Discovery Educators and their students had the opportunity to experience amazing trips this summer to Australia, South Africa and China through the Discovery Student Adventures program.  As some of you may know, this summer I was very ill, and my silver lining was following the Discovery China Adventure.  With the gift

Making Connections

The Discovery Student Adventures China travels have ended and our team is homeward bound. Following the posts, both students’ and teachers’ blogs, tweets, photos, and videos was a joy and an education in making connections and building global citizenship. Guest bloggers: Brett Harvey and the Discovery Student Adventures team. Making Connections Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Celebration of Achievements

Re-posted from Adam Controy‘s Discovery Student Adventures Travel blog from the Shaolin Temple, China. Would practice make a perfect performance in front of the Shao Lin Temple Martial Arts students and Shaolin Temple Warrior Monks? Read Adam’s post to understand what they were celebrating. Kudos to Team China! We worked incredibly hard over the past

Journey to the Center of the Earth: Science Lesson, Quiz, and Prize from China

Guest Blogger Heather Sullivan‘s post from the Gaocheng Astronomical Observatory in the Heneng Province, China. Heather has created a science lesson and quiz. If you complete the 3 questions by posting a comment to her blog, you will be placed in a random drawing for a special prize from China. As a science teacher I

"Tour" Is Not A Four-Letter Word in China

Guest blogger Heather Sullivan, reposted from her Discovery Student Adventures China blog. Image from Heather’s China Pics. Heather poses an interesting question, and after reading her post, please share your thoughts. (Sorry, Heather, for not posting this one sooner–very thought-provoking, as usual). Sunday, August 9, 2009 Just a quick post about something that’s been on