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Following the Teacher Team #dsac09

Following the Teacher Team #dsac09

Because I have the gift of time this summer, I chose to follow the Discovery Student Adventures Travel in China. This post focuses on the teachers on the trip who are posting to the DSA China blog. I realize that sifting through the many posts begs time when most of us are either in school

"Tour" Is Not A Four-Letter Word in China

Guest blogger Heather Sullivan, reposted from her Discovery Student Adventures China blog. Image from Heather’s China Pics. Heather poses an interesting question, and after reading her post, please share your thoughts. (Sorry, Heather, for not posting this one sooner–very thought-provoking, as usual). Sunday, August 9, 2009 Just a quick post about something that’s been on

Discovery Student Adventures: Follow Our STARs in China

Four STAR Discovery Educators are now in China representing the DEN in our third Discovery Student Adventures pilot trip for the summer.  Brett Harvey, Rita Mortenson and Heather Sullivan and their students are experiencing the trip of a lifetime right now!  Plus, at the DEN National Institute we had the incredible pleasure of inviting one


First there was the Australian Adventure, followed by the South African Experience. Today, the China Adventure begins, with 6 blog posts from team leaders prior to the trip’s official launch. All the students participating have already entered multiple posts as well. Having strong DEN connections to the team leaders of the first two trips made

I'm Going to China!

He was part of the Pennsylvania group that went to the DEN National Institute from July 13-17 at the Headlands Institute just north of San Francisco in the beautiful Golden Gate National Recreation Area. At the end of the Institute, Discovery Education raffled off a trip to China. Our man from PA, Adam Controy, was

China Is Coming Soon

Our East Coast’s only Discovery Adventures teacher, Heather Sullivan, is dreaming of China. She calls it her first “China panic dream,” and from the way she describes it, we’ve all been there (well, maybe not China, but the symptoms are similar). Heather joins Brett Harvey and Rita Mortensen, the other two DEN teachers on a