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Another Fantastic Week in Silver Spring, MD!

Another Fantastic Week in Silver Spring, MD!

Emma Haygood was among the lucky folks from Michigan who had the opportunity to attend the second week of the Discovery Educator Network (DEN) National Institute. She was there the week after I was there and sent me some comments to post on this blog. Below are her comments. Thanks, Emma! I am on my way


It’s week two of the DEN National Institutes!  There are five lucky people from Michigan there.  They worked with teachers from Illinois and also did the Boom-de-Ya-Da video, modeled after the Discovery Commercial.  Enjoy!

Learn About New Changes to DiscoveryStreaming

Discovery Education is excited to announce many new GREAT additions coming your way to streaming! This includes the long awaited and asked for Student Center where your students will have ability to log on and download media, better correlation with your state standards, more refined search, an update builders and my content, not to mention

Something Cool to Try This Summer

I was just browsing the  “Streaming A to Z” blog, and found an entry about how to do the “green screen”  effect in Windows MovieMaker, something I’ve been wanting to try.  As you will see by reading the post, it is actually a BLUE screen/chromakey feature.  Links to step-by-step directions with screen shots are available, shared by Jen Dorman.

New STAR and final Discovery Connect of the 07-08 school year

Welcome to Michigan’s newest STAR member, Brian Lancaster, from Hamilton Schools!  It’s great to see the new members from Hamilton Schools after their recent fantastic “Day of Discovery.”    For school districts still in session on June 11, there is one more Discovery Connect opportunity for teachers and students. WHEN WE LEFT EARTH: THE NASA MISSIONS presents the dramatic story

Become a STAR!

Did you kow that STAR Discovery Educators have access to a super-extended trial to DE Science?  The trial is good until July 1, 2008.  Those who have used it LOVE it!  Learn how to become a STAR Discovery Educator here.  We would like to have many new STAR members from Michigan! 

Save Your bandwidth with a Host Server!

REMC XI of the Berrien County Intermediate School District in Michigan has operated a Discovery Education streaming host server for the past three years. The server was upgraded this year to the new Dell server available from Discovery Education. The purpose of the host server is to save our districts expensive Internet bandwidth and to

Michigan DEN Virtual Conference

What an awesome day!  I just returned home after attending the conference at Doherty Elementary School in West Bloomfield.  The day was a blend of virtual and face-to-face professional development sessions.  Kudos to Cindy Carson, who hosted the event at her school, and facilitated the day, making sure the presenters had what they needed, the

Discovery Resources about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr

  Are you looking for classroom ideas and resources about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr?  Discoverystreaming has many new videos, audio files, images, and writing prompts available.  Click here for easy access to these resources.  Take students to the 1960’s and the Civil Rights movement with these resources.  Also get them thinking and writing about