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#CelebrateWithDE – Earth Day

#CelebrateWithDE – Earth Day

There are so many ways to celebrate Earth Day and Discovery Education has resources whether you are focusing on air, water, land, or animals. If you want to join the Earth Day Network in this year’s focus, turn your students’ attention towards the goal of ending plastic pollution with these resources about plastic, including its

#CelebrateWithDE – Earth Day 2017

Celebrating Earth Day seems like a breeze in grades K-12 because there are so many angles to take: animals, plants, weather, energy, water…. The sky is – literally – the limit! Although such a broad topic can present unique challenges, consider celebrating curiosity and learning and start with a broad stroke using one of Discovery’s

Discovery Education Monthly STEM Content Highlights – April

We are celebrating the 3rd rock from the Sun: the Earth! This month we are highlighting something very dear to us all and worth protecting for our future, the Earth. Earth Day 2017 is officially April 22nd; however, we challenge you to help your students take the next step and highlight our planet beyond just

Content Showcase: April 2017

Discover amazing new resources and join us in celebrating our favorite holiday—Earth Day! Preview featured titles in DE Streaming and Techbook in the United States and Canada. Links to each program mentioned in the video are located below. Earth Day by SchoolMedia, Inc. Grades: K-2, 3-5, 6-8 U.S. Services – Canadian Services Real World Science: Trash and the Environment by Mazzarella

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April 2017: Celebrating Earth Day every day

Earth Day 2017’s campaign is Climate and Environmental Literacy, which they hope leads to student attainment of these literacies by 2020. The Earth Day Network site has a downloadable toolkit for educators who are planning an event, as well as a place to register their project and locate other projects in the area. The site also includes downloadable

Lively Lessons: Ocean Conservation

It covers 71% of the Earth’s surface. Forty percent of the world’s population lives in a coastal region. The world’s oceans: strong, yet fragile – a resource that we must protect. With this Lively Lesson, dive into Discovery Education’s digital resources to help bring the underwater world to life for your students.

Content Showcase: Earth Day 2016

Discovery Education’s Content Team presents to this special Earth Day edition of the Discovery Education Content Showcase. Earth Day is on Friday, April 22nd and Discovery Education is proud to be your go-to resource for the freshest Earth Day content. Below are four new resources to fuel the discussion about this global environmental observance. Racing Extinction by