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The New Wave of Professional Development

The New Wave of Professional Development

Classroom coaching currently rides on the crest of educational practices that are attracting a great deal of attention.  Knowing that the most effective professional development is job embedded, ongoing, and inquiry-based, many believe skilled coaches can truly make a difference in the quality of teaching that occurs in schools.  Coaching pushes schools to focus on

Does Experience Matter in a District Superintendent?

In order to be an effective major league baseball coach, do you think a person had to have been a great player?  Could you coach in the NFL without ever playing football?  A recent article in the Boston Globe discusses an interesting trend in education.  Increasingly, large urban school districts across the country have been

Blogs, podcasts and wiki’s. Oh My!

While many teachers across the country are just becoming comfortable using PowerPoint and the Internet as an educational tool, others are integrating new technologies, ones with funny names.  More and more educators are finding value in things called weblogs, podcasts and wiki’s.  So what are all of these things and how can I use them

Christa McAuliffe

Next week marks the 20th anniversary of Christa McAuliffe’s selection as the first Teacher in Space. (Note to summer school teachers:  there is a great clip of this event on the "History in the Making, 1986" video on unitedstreaming. You can find it easily by clicking Learning Tools/Calendar/July 19).  As I’ve been watching the events

Textbooks Replaced by Technology – Is there a downside?

Just read an interesting article on eSchoolNews that focuses on some trailblazing schools in Arizona and Tennessee that are not only moving away from using textbooks, but in some cases, eliminating them completely.  One school in Arizona has eliminated textbooks in favor of giving all students laptops and using online articles and resources as the

Prensky: ‘Engage Me or Enrage Me’

I attended an interesting keynote luncheon at NECC this afternoon by Marc Prensky, author of Digital Game-Based Learning.  In the session, Prensky made some interesting points about how today’s kids learn. As ‘digital natives’ – today’s kids have never really known life without computers and live with constant sensory stimulation through iPods, cell phones, remotes,