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AFI The Missing Manual

AFI The Missing Manual

       With apologies to David Pogue – In the last two days, I’ve had at least three requests for help locating the American Film Institute’s "21st CenturyEducator’s Handbook: Protocol and Materials Guide to the Screen Education Process" on the unitedstreaming site. A search on "AFI" will bring up the video clips and then


     A big thank you to the PA DEN Leadership Council for organizing a “Lights! Camera! Education!” training in Pittsburgh last Friday and Saturday. It was an enthusiastic group of DEN members and candidates many of whom spent more time than I did to get to the Carnegie Science Center on the river by

A Four Star Review

     I’m sure that most of us got into education for the sheer joy of teaching and working with children. We watched our own teachers and were inspired. But nobody warned us about grading and paper work and that was probably one of the great surprises of student teaching. Evaluating really creative work like