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Things I Think You Should Read

Things I Think You Should Read

Here’s another installment of Thinks I Think You Should Read.I’ve been finding myself  marking a lot of tweets as favorites lately.  I often sift through TweetDeck and mark a lot of things as favorites because I don’t have the time to immediately check them out.  I guess I sort of use it as a bookmark systen. 

Things I Think You Should Read

Here’s the next installment of Things I Think You Should Read. Check out this cool book trailer website.  Some of the trailers are made by the media specialist, some are made by students.  Excellent stuff.  The audience is mainly upper elementary and middle school. Doug Johnson thinks we should let kids use the internet for non-school purposes.  I

Always Looking for More

We are all learners.  As we scour the web for great things to read and learn, we come across quite a bit of information – some pretty good, some pretty not-so-good.  Sifting through it can be rather tough sometimes.  We often rely on our friends and colleagues to guide us to new sites or blogs

Time to Catch Up

For many districts in Wisconsin, Spring Break is here.  While we all look forward to the rest and relaxation this time brings, it’s also a good opportunity to catch up on some reading and some learning.  If you’re looking for a few places to keep you busy over the break, check out the following sites,

DEN VC at New Berlin Eisenhower

Looking for a great professional development opportunity?  How about a FREE day of professional development? Participate in the DEN Virtual Conference on Saturday, April 25th at New Berlin Eisenhower High School. Here you will have a chance to have fun with other great teachers and immerse yourself in a great learning experience.  The day will