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T-Pack: Technology, Pedagogy, Content

This is a creative video developed about T-Pack.  T-Pack stands for technology, pedagogy, and content.  As educators, we need to think about the content that we teach, the most effective ways to teach our content, and how to use technology in innovative ways to further learning in an interdisciplinary and collaborative manner. TPACK Radio/Video Show

Skype How To

How does Skype work?  How do educators use Skype?  What makes a successful Skype experience for my students?  If you have wondered about Skype or want to use it or expand its use in your classroom, Langwitch has made an informative video.  Thanks to Paula Marini for sharing this information with us.

Making Author Connections with Skype

Want to get your students excited about writing?  Rachael McNamee, fourth grade teacher at Oakdale School, Dedham, Massachusetts, really wanted her students to understand the intrinsic value and pleasure of becoming lifelong readers and writers.  Through the “Skype an Author” website, Rachael connected with Mary Amato, children’s author, song writer, and performer.  By writing a

Has technology killed critical thinking?

“Has technology contributed to the loss of critical thinking skills?” is the question.  Alan November, acclaimed education technology guru and Massachusetts native, raised this issue in his video, “Myths and Opportunities:  Technology in the Classroom.”  I love the opportunity to pause and think about these issues.  How do teachers and students truly use technology?  For