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To Tweet or Not to Tweet

To Tweet or Not to Tweet

… there really is no question! Of course you should! What are the benefits of using Twitter? First of all,  there’s more to Twitter than Oprah and Ashton, what everyone ate for dinner, and a random stream of consciousness. Twitter is what you make it. Thousands of teachers world-wide have turned Twitter into 24/7 on-demand

Fun Links

 If you haven’t had the opportunity to see the Palm Breeze Café link…. then you must take a look. They have simplified finding some great resources by putting links in one location. In the hot links section you will find Wordle, Zamzar and my favorite Bubble Comment. You’ll also like the links under hot stuff,

Where the Wild Things Are

In 1963 Maurice Sendak published Where the Wild Things Are.  A story of Max, who is sent to his room without supper.  In his room, Max’s imagination takes over and he journeys to the land of the Wild Things.  It has been a beloved children’s book ever since. Discovery Education Streaming has the Where the