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December 2016: Looking backward and forward

December 2016: Looking backward and forward

What was hot in educational technology in 2016 and what are some cool new things that are on the horizon for 2017? Let’s take a look backward and forward in case you missed anything or want to start planning for some new technologies!

Technology Media Fair in need of Online Volunteers

The Irving Independent School District in Irving, Texas has an annual Technology Media Fair. This year, the district has opened up several categories for online judging. The hope, above all, is that this will help keep district students excited about technology and about sharing their work with a global audience. This is where you come

What are we doing in Illinois to address the ethical use of technology?

Today’s entry is really a question and a promotion for a project I am trying to put together for Middle School students. What are we doing in Illinois to address the ethical use of technology? Scott Meech is trying to put together a project for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students that will address ethical


Hey everyone… Most of us who read this blog are focused on improving technology use in Illinoois. Here is an amazing opportunity to really make a difference. Let’s stop shouting from the mountaintops… Let’s get some face time with the people who are making some very important decisions about education in Illinois. DATE OF TECH

Illinois Educators on Digital Storytelling 2.0

The Illinois DEN’s own Joe Brennan represented IL well at Technology and Learning’s Tech Forum April 27, 2007. Joe and two other IL educators, Jon Orech and David Jakes presented “Digital Storytelling 2.0”. Check out the blurb on their presentation and Joe’s own handout: Presentation: Makin’ Movies. Congratulations Joe, Jon and David as you represented

Have You Met Cosmeo?

Have you heard about Cosmeo yet? If not, you’re sure to see a commercial or read a newspaper article about this new home resource soon. Like some DEN members and active unitedstreaming users, I have watched this remarkable resource evolve from a product called Discovery Learning Connection as it was being studied in test markets