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My Favorite Things: Liberty’s Kids

If you are a teacher in grades 4-8 and you teach about the American Revolution, you should be using Liberty’s Kids, an excellent television series from PBS. This 40-episode series tracks the events leading up to the Revolution, documents the causes, provides cultural context, introduces important historical figures, and extends through the Second Continental Congress.

A Few Of Our Favorite (Discovery) Things-Mythbusters

“Don’t try this at home–we are what you’d call ‘experts’.”  When you hear these words, you know it’s MythBusters time.   Subscribers to Discovery Education Streaming are lucky to be able to have on-demand access to  many Mythbusters episodes to use with their students. (Note: It may be that Mythbusters is for Discovery Streaming Plus subscribers

A few of our favorite (Discovery) things: Pt. 2

Welcome to the second article in a series written by the Discovery Educator Network’s Blog and Social Media Team! In this series, we’ll be sharing some of our favorite Discovery Series and how we’re using them in classrooms. As an avid fan of Discovery Education content, I frequently browse for resources as a hobby. I

Randomness: Feeling Dinged Up?!?

I love to kick start PD sessions by asking the question “What were the first golf balls made from?”  Usually, people respond wood.  Actually, the first golf balls were made from leather sacks filled with goose feathers.  Took a few versions before they figured out wood might work best.  They began with smooth wood balls

Favorite Things: A Dose of Inspiration

We all need it. A little something that cheers us on, inspires us to do more, to keep reaching is a good thing. I came across this today, watched, sucked back some tears (I’m a mush), and thought about all the great things teachers do every day. The teachers at Tavares High School in Florida

Favorite Things: Pinterest

I’ve mentioned this before I’m sure, but I’ll say it again. I LOVE COLLECTING THINGS. I can’t stop myself. So tools that help me organize my digital collections of recipes, crafty ideas (that I may never actually make), and classroom tricks are always on my list of favorite things. Recently, I discovered Pinterest (pin +