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Are You A Trep?

Are You A Trep?

Saturday, Aug. 26th, the South Florida DEN joined 250 teachers on an entrepreneurial field trip with their own children and grandchildren.  The teachers watched hundreds of TREPs in action during this cool day at Wannado City.  The term TREP (enTREPreneur) has been coined to mean, "a 30-year old or younger who owns his/her own business." 

Great Fun in South Florida

It is an amazing gift to travel to places in Florida that I would have never had the  opportunity to visit except that great teachers live there!  Last week I had the privilege to work with three distinct groups of educators:  the whole faculty of Coral Springs Christian Academy, some of our Palm Beach DEN

Wannado City

Get ready Florida teachers!  The South Florida DEN invites you to join us at Wannado City’s Back to School Open House event. This is an amazing opportunity for you (especially if you have kids) to come connect with one another and be amazed at what they have created at Wannado City for kids.  The day

Kudos to the North Florida DEN!

Danielle Abernethy and the North Florida DEN sure know how to throw a great DEN event.  DEN baby Donovan, Debbie, Jonathan, Kyle and I from South Florida had so much fun joining the North Florida DEN members at the Devils Rays beautiful stadium, Tropicana Field.  There were so many talented DEN members sharing what they

DEN Camp 3

Although I have lived in Florida for 18 years, I never knew that Fort Pierce is the Sunrise City!  How can you resist going to the beach for sunrise when you are in the Sunrise City?  On the second day of St. Lucie County’s second DEN camp, I ran over to the beach for sunrise

The Masterpieces Are Displayed

Fourteen talented teachers displayed their "masterpieces" today but not before we had a full and creative day.  Linda Borek, Instructional Technology Specialist for video editing for Osceola County, showed us the benefits of using Producer to create blended videos.  She demonstrated how we could create a mix of PowerPoint, digital picture slide shows, audio and

Builder Day

The Osceola DEN Camp is part of a larger group of teachers in Summer Institute. Over 50 teachers plus our group are all learning how to integrate technology and prepare lessons for next year.  Today in DEN camp, we had "Builder Day" – Quiz Builder, Assignment Builder and Writing Prompt Builder.  I was able to

DEN Camp in Osceola County Continues

While you are creating masterpieces, it is very important to enjoy eating creatively also!  For lunch today, Lance and the ladies continued to enjoy the gifts of collaboration, creativity and camaraderie.  We went to this incredible little restaurant in Kissimmee called the Broadway Coffee & Art Restaurant.  The food was delicious and we really enjoyed

DEN Camp in Osceola County

Fifteen ladies and Lance make for a great DEN Camp in Osceola County this week! Discovery Education and Osceola County School District have teamed up to sponsor Advanced DEN Camp.  These teachers have committed to create a Unit Plan for their classrooms for the 2006-2007 school year.  We are encouraging them to join with our

DEN Camp in St. Lucie County

St. Lucie County teachers developed some very creative Unit Plans during DEN Camp Monday and Tuesday. I had such a great time with these 23 teachers as we learned so many new tricks together.  Carole Gooden, our very first DEN member in Florida, saw the value of our DEN Camp training and just knew her