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50 Ways

50 Ways

We had so much fun tonight! Vivian, Karen, Mary, Joyce, Fotini and I had a wonderful three hour training on the 50 Ways to Use unitedstreaming. This is one of our favorite trainings at Discovery AND it has become all the more special with the NEW unitedstreaming.  A series of four trainings are available for

The Launch Party

This is an exciting week!  Not only did we have a 12 hour Streamathon on Monday, 6/5/06 for the grand opening of the NEW unitedstreaming, Danielle Abernethy, Matt Monjan and I hosted a Launch Party on Tuesday 06/06/06. I think this was such a tribute to the power of technology and the empowerment that being


I live in a most unique city, St. Cloud, Florida.  We are the first city in the nation that has FREE wireless internet provided for its citizens!  What a cool deal that is for our local DEN members and teachers who use unitedstreaming.  I have begun a series of four trainings that I will be

Palm Beach Techs in Style!

On Saturday, April 29th, Palm Beach County School District hosted one of the largest and classiest events for teachers.  Well over 1200 teachers attended this great day. With 144 sessions to chose from, opening and closing speakers and an official exhibition floor, we all had a full day.   The weather was exceptional and there

Palm Beach County

Check this out!  Palm Beach County School District has put together a technology conference for their teachers and 1600 have registered for this Saturday 4/29!  Wow!  I have the honor of joining them to help them continue to get better and better with the integration of technology using digital video and to encourage them to

What a hit!

The Discovery Educator Network’s FETC preconference unitedstreaming Spring Training at TECO was a hit!  No amount of planning, room decorating or list making can compare to the joy of an event full of happy teachers!  Over 80 educators and 15 Discovery Team members enjoyed a morning of training and and afternoon of sharing on unitedstreaming,