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National Educational Technology Plan

National Educational Technology Plan

Now is the time for change and the National Educational Technology Plan is the place to start.  At NECC 2009, a collaboration event was created to gather “high impact, researched-based recommendations” from teachers and education professionals that would help drive the future of education and technology.  Today’s students need a plan to bring their education

South Florida is representing at the National Event

After a week’s vacation in Jersey, I have had the privilege of being a small part of a huge DEN event this week, the National Leadership Conference!  South Florida is proud to have Carole Gooden (St. Lucie County) and Debbie Bohanan (Osceola County) represent us all in one of the most unique professional development opportunities

Those Wild and Crazy DIV Teachers

Osceola County has a wild and crazy group of pioneer teachers who teach in face-to-face classrooms with an online presence using the Digital Interface Vehicle (DIV).  These teachers meet at least once a month and some of them come every Tuesday or Thursday to hone their skills and collaborate to increase student achievement in their

Fotini Guzman

I would like to introduce all of you to one of our most creative DEN members in Florida, Fotini Guzman.  Fotini teaches computer graphics and applications (K-5) at Pleasant Hill Elementary School in Kissimmee, Florida. She did one of the most amazing unitedstreaming trainings I have ever seen.  She limited her training to ten participants

Make Their Day

At Neptune Middle School, the Apollo Team understands that using technology in the classroom really "makes their day," for the students. Tiffany Bonner, Michelle Brooks and Jaime Reynafarje, all DEN members in Florida were presented the Make Their Day award for the integration of technology in the classroom and enhancing their own technology expertise. These

Tech Bits

We hope that you know by now that the Discovery Educator Network is about sharing and caring for the "teachers in the trenches." One of our newest DEN members in Florida is a teacher who really gets it. Jonathan Meyers, Gifted and Technology Resource teacher at Horizon Middle School in Kissimmee, Florida has committed to