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Geekybird sighting at The Bird House

Geekybird sighting at The Bird House

Take a look at this blog maintained by Matt Monjan.   If you’re ever looking for DE info previously posted,  ideas for integrating DE in the classroom, or differentiating instruction, you’ll find it here ( power points, videos, lists, suggestions).  Matt is also a big fan of Digital Storytelling, which is greatly enhanced with DE

DEN SCIcon 2010 – Verona

   Hello Wisconsin DEN members and others – Verona Area High School will be sponsoring an on-site virtual conference and everyone is welcome to join us.  The virtual conference is called DEN SCIcon 2010.  DEN SCIcon 2010 is an online conference (with a twist) focused on providing participants with some of the most ef fective

DEN Virtual Conference

Join other educators as thousands around the country participate in the DEN Virtual Conference on Saturday, October 24th.  If you’re looking to attend in person, you can participate in New Berlin, WI. The Discovery Educator Network (DEN) Virtual Conference provides an opportunity to learn powerful ways to integrate digital media and Web 2.0 tools into

Summer School with Discovery

If you’re looking for continued learning this summer, look no further.  Discovery Education has an impressive schedule of upcoming webinars for you to choose from.  To register or check out the schedule, click here. There are a couple scheduled yet for July, but the list of options for August looks good.

DEN Event at Miller Park

Our DEN Event at Miller Park has been rescheduled. Join fellow educators at Friday’s Front Row inside Miller Park on Friday, August 21st from 2:30 to 5:00, for an afternoon of learning.  Meet members of the Wisconsin DEN Leadership Council, enjoy a little food, a few refreshments, some learning, and have some fun.  We will