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Fun Fact Friday: Ham Radio

Fun Fact Friday: Ham Radio

Nowadays, because of the internet, it’s easy to talk to people all around the globe…but did you know that there’s another way that people communicated, even before the internet, that didn’t involve the telephone or even writing a letter? It’s true! It’s called ham radio. Ham radio, as defined by Wikipedia, is “the use of

Fun Fact Friday: Random Fun Facts!

While writing Fun Fact Friday, I encounter lots of fun facts that are interesting, but don’t necessarily require an entire article. With that in mind, here are some of the random fun facts I’ve collected! Goats’ eyes have horizontal and somewhat rectangular pupils. In Britain, they call underwear “pants” and they call pants “trousers”. Crickets’

Fun Fact Friday: Joe Satriani

Did you know that American guitar virtuoso Joe Satriani has been nominated for 15 Grammy awards, but has never actually won? It’s true! Joe Satriani is credited with bringing instrumental rock music back to the Billboard charts with his 1987 album, “Surfing with the Alien”. Satriani has released 14 albums since his 1986 debut, “Not