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Daily Photos: A Collaboration

Daily Photos: A Collaboration

December of 2008 I was reading a post by Martha Thornburgh (STAR Washington) about starting her photo a day journey. That interested me because I like to take photos, but don’t really do anything with them. Martha inspired me to join her in this journey. I set up a Flickr account, posted some photos and

Christian Long and The Alice Project: Falling Down the Virtual Rabbit Hole

Christian Long believes that we are architects of the future and questions what does great teaching and learning look like? To demonstrate his point, he brought students Benedikt Kroll and Michael Nathman who experienced self teaching and learning through an interesting project: Falling Down the “Alice Project” Rabbit Hole as together students inverted traditional high

Meeting a Storm Chaser!

In my current position, or should I say positions(I wear many hats) I get to see a lot of exciting activities.  In addition to being the Director of Technology Integration for Propel Schools, I am the science coordinator.  I am the SOS or Specialist on Site.  I believe that this was due to my knowledge

How I became so SMART!

Over the past few years, interactive whiteboards have become more and more popular in schools around the world.  Many teachers are finding out how to effectively use this awesome resource while others are using them for glorified projector screens.  Maybe we need to reiterate that these are INTERACTIVE WHITEBOARDS…meaning that they are for interacting.  I

Self Reflection or Just Fun

If you have not created a cartoon animation of yourself as an elf, Santa or trekker, then here is your chance. Make a fun avatar for use on your website or send an e-card to a family member. These are fun, but check them out completely before using with students. Some sites contain partial nudity