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DEN Geocaching Day – May 18, 2013

DEN Geocaching Day – May 18, 2013

Are you interested in exploring the great outdoors with friends?  Are you interested in gathering with fellow DEN members?  Are you interested in going on a hi-tech treasure hunt? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, you should participating in DEN Geocaching Day on Saturday, May 18th.  This isn’t just an

Geocaching Day; West Bloomfield Group

Today is the Discovery Educator Network (DEN) Spring Geocaching Day.  Groups of teachers from all over the country get together to geocache!  This is part of the West Bloomfield group, organized by Cindy Carson and Pam Shoemaker.  It rained the whole time, but that didn’t stop us.  A fun time! Another Michigan group cached in Battle