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Venice Beach Photowalk – CHANGE OF DATE – December 18, 2010

Venice Beach Photowalk – CHANGE OF DATE – December 18, 2010

Join DEN Members for a morning of photography, networking, and fun, all while adding more resources to the DEN library of media! DEN STAR and digital photography expert Ken Shelton will be on hand to lead us on a photowalk – the same route that was part of the Worldwide Photowalk this summer. We’ll explore

Join the DEN and Welcome BACK the Grunions!

  Attribution, Non-Commercial, Share-Alike by kalavinka Join Discovery Educator Network members their families on Saturday April 25th for the 2009 Grunion Run! This event will include a bonfire, private Grunion movie presentation at the Cabrillo Aquarium followed by time to explore the aquarium’s exhibits before heading back to the beach to watch the Grunions make

Spring Fling!

The California DE leadership council is proud to host an April bash at our DEN Director, Jannita Demian’s home. The entire Discovery Educator Network team is going to be there so don’t miss out. Hall Davidson, Steve Dembo, Scott Kinney, Lance Rougeux, Kim Randall, Matt Monjan, Justin Karkow, Brad Fountain, Mike Bryant and Dennis Swain

A Whirlwind Two Weeks

If you had asked me two weeks ago what my life was going to be like, I never could have imagined this.  My name is Susan Staat and two weeks ago, I was a first grade teacher in a small school district in Ceres, California.  (You haven’t heard of Ceres?  We are just south of

Discover More…

Being “Fresh out of the Classroom,” as some have referred to me as, especially since I still get excited about free notebooks and pens, and brand new to the “Corporate” world, I have had such incredible adventures over the last few months as I acquaint myself more to Discovery.  As I have traveled around demonstrating

Let's Learn About Each Other!

Hello to the new California DEN team!  My name is Jannita and I am the Discovery Educator Network Manager for Southern California… however lately I have been spending a lot of time up north as well, as our Northern CA DEN members would say.  I am thrilled to be part of such a dynamic initiative.