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ReThink “ThingLink..

ReThink “ThingLink..

Here is a little web tool that can be expanded to do more than what you may think! ThingLink will allow you to upload a picture and then place link targets within the picture to connect you to different sites, listen to an explanation, or read information an important concept. It seems like  a simple

Virtual Museum Exhibits with Discovery Streaming, Qwiki, Wikimedia, and Glogster

                                                                                                                         View Canada Glog When my daughter was tasked with creating a virtual museum exhibit about Canada, I immediately seized upon the opportunity to introduce her to GlogsterEDU, her Discovery Student account, Qwiki, and Wikimedia commons. She completed her virtual museum exhibit organizer on Canada using pictures of landforms and an interactive population map from

Merging Literature, Discoverystreaming, and Web 2.0 Tools: Howard Gunther @ #DENPRECON 2011

Join Gunther on a DEN Pre-ISTE adventure Howard Gunther, CT DEN Leadership Council Events Coordinator, delivered a multi-layered and  exciting approach to an often overlooked area at conferences: language arts and humanities, aka English and Literature. This session is exactly what I have been looking for as we move as a district into block scheduling

Web 2.0 for President’s Day

Since it is President’s Day, we as educators have to focus on what accomplishments many Presidents’ have achieved. There are several ways to use Web 2.0 tools to bring these President’s to life. This thought crossed my mind when I asked my son this morning what his school day would be like for President’s Day.  He