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Doodle 4 Google 2015: see you in September!

Doodle 4 Google 2015: see you in September!

Greetings Discovery Education Community members.  I know that each year many of you make plans to participate in the Doodle 4 Google competition.  Our friends at Doodle 4 Google have some changes this year, so they asked us to pass along the following note to each of you. Doodle 4 Google is our favorite time of the year –

Register Today: Live Virtual Field Trip with the Google Doodlers

  Meet the team of illustrators and engineers who design the Google homepage logos From Sketches to the Google Homepage Wednesday, March 5 @ 1pm ET Discovery Education is traveling to the Google headquarters to meet the team of illustrators and engineers who design the Google Doodles- Google’s playful and fun homepage illustrations. Join us for

Save the Date! Doodle 4 Google opens February 4th

Your students could win a $30,000 scholarship! Before there was an airplane, there were doodles of cool flying machines. And before there was a submarine, there were doodles of magical underwater sea explorers. Since the beginning of time, ideas big and small, practical and playful, thought-provoking and smile-inducing, have started out as doodles. And we’re


Take over 300 attendees, 27 presenters, 55 workshops and 0 pages of paper, put it together and you get a Google Summit at Charlottesville, Virginia, 2013. Dedicated to all things Google, the sessions covered topics from “Getting Started” to “Google Ninja”, there was something for everyone. There were also many DEN Stars presenting for the

New DEN contest: Get Yourself on Google Maps!

Last May we did a Day of Discovery in Edmonton and the day before as we were leaving the school we came across this odd looking vehicle. Like the nerds we are, we grabbed our cameras and snapped away. Today, Mr. Dembo happened to check on this location and low and behold, we made it. From

Why is google not spelled googol (the correct spelling)

As Larry Page, the co-founder of Google.com narrates: “Lucas Pereira: ‘You idiots, you spelled [Googol] wrong!’ But this was good, because google.com was available and googol.com was not. Now most people spell ‘Googol’ ‘Google’, so it worked out OK in the end.” or according to Google corp. 1999: ” 10^100 (a gigantic number) is a

Edmodo Has Gone Google!!

I have been continually impressed with edmodo but now they have really done it! Edmodo has tied into google docs! If you haven’t embraced edmodo as a teacher, you are really missing out on a great way to keep your students and yourself organized and communicating! Now, with the power of Google Docs you can