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Ignite Your Passion for Discovery: Innovation Edition

Ignite Your Passion for Discovery: Innovation Edition

Thursday, August 25, educators from across Georgia gathered at GPB Education for an engaging evening of conversation, sharing, and networking to discuss the idea of Innovation in schools. This was a brand new event for the Atlanta area, but over 75 educators gathered and met at GPB to hear a variety of ideas around innovation,

Free Teacher Workshop: Storytelling 2.0 in the Classroom- using curriculum materials from the PBS documentary ‘Slavery by Another Name’

Slavery by Another Name is a PBS documentary which explores a system of “neo-slavery” that thrived following the Civil War based on forced labor of imprisoned African American men and women through the convict lease system.  A free teacher workshop will be held Saturday, Feb. 25, 2012,  from 9am-3pm at the Atlanta Neighborhood School, 688

DEN Virtual Conference 2010 – Tech or Treat in Atlanta

Thanks so much for your interest in the DEN Virtual Conference in Atlanta, GA. Registration is now closed.  Check back to the Georgia blog to learn about more great in-person events sponsored by the Georgia Leadership Council. Join thousands of educators online and in-person as the DEN team goes house to house to explore the