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Fun Fact Friday: New Year’s Eve

Fun Fact Friday: New Year’s Eve

Happy New Year! Did you know that the famous “dropping of the ball” on New Year’s Eve is a tradition that began in 1907? It’s true! Here are some other fun facts: The original ball was made of wood and iron, and had over 100 incandescent light bulbs. The first ball weighed seven hundred pounds

Fun Fact Friday: Jethro Tull

Did you know that farming was revolutionized in the 1700’s by an agriculturist named Jethro Tull? Much like George Washington Carver, Tull believed that there were better and more efficient ways of farming possible, and set about trying to discover them. Tull’s influence is still seen in agricultural practices and equipment to this day. Jethro

Fun Fact Friday: One-Room School

Did you know that in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, most small towns and rural areas had a one-room school? If you’ve never read or watched Little House on the Prairie, you may not be familiar with the term, but a one room school is exactly what it sounds like…a single free standing building

Fun Tech Tools For the History Classroom

There are several great Web 2.0 tools that I just have to share with history teachers.   I have used www.classtools.net for several years, and have created blog posts about this resource before. These tools have many great features to enhance learning in all subjects. Some of my favorite tools are the flash game generators,

Museum Box

Museum Box is an interesting Web 2.0 tool. It allows users to create virtual boxes that displays various types of media on the faces of the box. You can design the boxes to have layers, which affords viewers an opportunity to follow the research as well as develop a response to an argument presented on