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How To: Create a Notecard

So you’ve been exploring a bit on your own.  You’ve noticed these boxes (or in some cases, other objects) that say something along the lines of:  ‘Drop Your Notecard Here’.  You’d love to, but you have NO CLUE as to how to do so. I’m here to guide you step-by-step.  It’s really quite easy.  In

How To: Create a Landmark

Want an easy way to return to DEN in SL Headquarters?  Anything beats flying around the EduIsland II sim looking for DEN in SL (now was it near the castle?  maybe next to the self-guided tour car?).  Remember, DEN in SL is on EduIsland II at 69, 99, 21.  Get yourself there and you’ll never

How To: Join DEN in SL

So you’ve heard about Second Life.  You’ve read the posts on this blog (and perhaps other blogs related to Second Life).  You’ve signed up for an account.  You may even have gotten your avatar off of Orientation Island (congrats BTW!!!).  Now what?  You DEFINITELY want to join the DEN group in SL.  That way you’ll