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Five Powerful Practices for Science Professional Development

By: Matt Cwalina, Senior Director of Learning Initiatives, Discovery Education In my time working with schools and districts from across the country, I have had the privilege of meeting and working with many inspiring science educators. Their passion for teaching and developing the scientific literacy of today’s learners is truly awesome! As I have worked

Keys to Leading a Successful Digital Transition

By: Marty Creel, Chief Academic Officer and Vice President, Curriculum & Instruction, Discovery Education How can administrators ensure a smooth and successful digital transition? Leading the digital transition is a process that should start with emphasizing good instruction. It is crucial to select the right technology pieces and to prepare networks for increased use, but

Developing STEM Inside Every School

In a previous role, I had the unique opportunity to develop a STEM-focused school. As a part of the planning process, I deeply contemplated what a STEM school would look like and what it could really become. The image of this school was forming around ‘ideas and materials’ such as existing classrooms, furniture, instructional framework,

Inside :30 Webinar: Taking Your District Digital

Taking Your District Digital… Building Shared Vision & Collective Ownership You’ve committed to going digital, but how do you build consensus around your vision and engage key stakeholders in building and implementing a long-term plan? Join this engaging conversation between leading Superintendents as they discuss how they’ve tackled these challenges and built solid digital plans