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Earth Science Summer Institute @ LSC!

Earth Science Summer Institute @ LSC!

Liberty Science Center Summer Institute 2010 for Earth Science Teachers (grades 6-9)   Liberty Science Center in Jersey City, NJ and the Rutgers Institute for Marine and Coastal Sciences are offering a Teacher Summer Institute, 8/9-13, focused on an upcoming research mission to Antarctica to probe the Ross Sea Ecosystem and its tie to climate.  

A Day at Lincoln Center

This post isn’t really about technology in the classroom, but it’s an interesting opportunity that I wouldn’t have known about without my robust personal learning network.  So, at the very least, it’s a great example of the incredible resources and interesting opportunities you can experience by staying connected with your peers online. I also have

Is Education Killing Creativity?

People do their best when they’re doing something they love. In other words we all thrive most when we are in our “Element”. That’s the main idea behind Sir Ken Robinson’s book of the same name. He believes that most peoples real talents are usually deeply hidden & don’t reveal themselves on a regular basis

Letting Go

Kevin Jarrett turned me on to this video that David Warlick recently used at the NJElite Conference in Wildwood, NJ. You might recognize some of the speakers, including Daniel Pink, a former EdTechConnect webinar guest speaker. Basic message: We need to stop “teaching” our students with tools of the past. We EXPECT the latest and

Earth to Teens: Help!

“MySpace/Our Planet” is the first book by the MySpace Community, and though that numbers more than 200 million people over a wide age range, the text is geared toward tweens & teenagers.  The idea is to get this crucial group of consumers to reduce the impact of how they eat, shop, do laundry, use electronics,