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Classroom 2.0: Creating The Schools We Need with Chris Leamann

Classroom 2.0: Creating The Schools We Need with Chris Leamann

Note: the following live blog reflects notes from Lehmann’s presentation. You will want to visit the archives (information to follow) to listen to Chris again and again because he truly makes sense. Chris Lehmann, Principal of SLA, says School 2.0 is progressive schooling and that Dewey is as relevant today as yesterday. Our goal is

Calling All Whiz Kids: Discovery Education/3M Young Scientist Challenge

Note: Copied from the Discovery Education Newsletter. Now’s the time for students to enter the nation’s premier science competition for grades 5 through 8. The deadline for the Discovery Education/3M Young Scientist Challenge is May 20, 2009. Over the summer, judges will choose up to 51 semifinalists: one from each state and the District of

Websites for Educators 04/20/2009

Google Guide Quick Reference: Google Advanced Operators (Cheat Sheet) Makes searching ever easier. Great cheatsheet. tags: teachers, education, google, search, reference, cheatsheet, howto, guide, web, tutorial Weblogg-ed » “The Less You Share, the Less Power You Have” Richardson explores the power of sharing, how collaboration helps not hinders education. tags: teachers, Richardson, readwriteweb, collaboration, sharing

Earth Day Resources for the Classroom

This Earth Day, start talking trash in your classroom! What happens to the waste we all produce? When does it make sense to recycle? Can trash become energy? Get answers to these timely topics brought to life at www.ThinkGreen.com/classroom, a new K-12 resource from Waste Management and powered by Discovery Education. Complete with standards-based lesson

April 15

Image via Wikipedia Most adults would immediately recognize the significance of April 15 – Tax Day, but many of our students have little concept of its importance. Luckily, teachers can tap the media library in DE streaming for content to help their students understand what taxes are, how they are assessed and collected, and how