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Let's Build Something Together – Writing Prompt Builder

Let's Build Something Together – Writing Prompt Builder

Ok so here we are on Friday and, as promised, here is the third of three postings on The Builders (Assignment, Quiz and Writing Prompt). Today we’re going to tackle the Writing Prompt Builder. The Writing Prompt Builder is a tool that allows you to tie together any image that you find on unitedstreaming with

Let's Build Something Together – Quiz Builder

True or False – within unitedstreaming you can find three great tools to help you integrate technology into the classroom? True of course!  Way to go you passed the Pop Quiz! And speaking of Pop Quizzes – let’s dive a little deeper into unitedstreaming’s Quiz Builder. The Quiz Builder is a tool that allows you

Let's Build Something Together – Assignment Builder

As you all know by now unitedstreaming is much more than a video library.  It is also full of tools and applications that you can use in the classroom. This week we’re going to tackle three of those tools, the Assignment Builder, the Quiz Builder, and the Writing Prompt Builder. Let’s start by saying right

Tuesday's Tips and Tricks

Have you ever wondered how to increase the size of the close captioning text when viewing it full screen?  This tip comes to us via Jeff Smith at the Erie County Technical School in Pennsylvania. Increasing the Close Caption Text SizeWhen using closed captioning, the text may not be as large as you would like

Where O' Where Has Professional Development Gone?

Report cards are going out… parent conferences… more professional development to help you in the classroom.  What… another helping of state testing statistics and “housekeeping” rather than technology-integration development sessions?  I know that state testing is very important, but it is a shame that some schools just focus on the results and not how to

Samples… Samples… Step Right Up!

First– I need to give some serious KUDOS to the teachers that have saved "dinosaur computers" so that their students can make the most of technology in the classroom (thanks for sharing your stories)!  There are some great resources available for schools to receive donated/refurbished computers across the country… check them out: ·