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Streamer Gets Caught by Hospital Staff

I just spent an incredible 3 days in Florida for the FETC conference.  Wow… now that is one GIGANTIC state conference… so big it’s larger than some "National Conferences"  I was able to spend 2 days in our Discovery booth, where unitedstreaming fans and evangelists always come by and cheer us on.  But Wednesday, I

ETC – Modesto's Best Kept Secret

Shhhhhhhhh!  You haven’t heard about the Educational Technology Conference?  Over four hundred educators from central California may not want you to know about this "little" conference developed and sponsored by CTAP Region 6 and CCCUE.  It is no surprise that anyone would want to keep this gem to themselves…it featured "Techno Icons" Mike Lawrence (keynote

Died and Gone to Hershey

It’s official… I have visited the “Sweetest Place on Earth” Hershey, PA. And yes… the air really does smell like chocolate. My favorite the “Hershey Outlets” a woman’s dream come true… chocolate and shopping.  But if you can believe it, I am actually burnt out on chocolate.  I will say I have always loved Pennsylvania,

Climb aboard my private jet…

Okay… well maybe not so private but it has definitely been an adventure today.  It all started at 6 am when I my hubby was drive me to LAX, as we passed the airport with all the private jets he made the remark that maybe someday I would be flying in one of those.  That

Spanish Class in Ceres

La Morenita is the place Ceres teachers hold their Spanish Class.  The subjects covered… enchiladas, tacos, salsa… and we even managed to fit in some talk of technology.  A BIG thanks, to DEN member Susan for organizing a great dinner with the unitedstreaming POWERUSERS of Ceres School District.  Another HUGE thanks to Carey, Supervisor of

The Ellipse

Oh Cali Tree… Oh Cali Tree… How lovely are your branches!  So… in between bundling up, marathon meetings, and my escapades on the ice we were able to visit The Ellipse.   This is a circular park, nestled between the White House and the Washington Monument that is home to the National Christmas Tree.  The added