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Looking Back and Connecting

Looking Back and Connecting

Image by rmom352 via Flickr Even though most of us were not there at the DEN LC Symposium or the DEN Summer Institute, in Bentley University, we followed the discussions on various ways; Twitter, Edomodo, CoverItLive, Plurk and of course reading the blogs that were posted with tips, websites, videos and photos of the action.

DEN Dates to Remember

From now to the end of the school year, DEN has dates for you to remember. Traci Blazoski gave you a thorough rundown of all the dates connected to the DEN Summer Institute 2010 at Bentley University, including a message from Lance Rougeux. Apply today!     Become a STAR Discovery Educator!Quoting Traci, If you

More and Muir Ways to Being Green by Lance

10 things you can do to become a GREENER Teacher Blackle.com instead of Google.com, black background on the search page. Blackle also has games. Does Blackle really save energy? Green resources from DiscoveryStreaming. There is a documentary about the tornado that hit Greensburg, Kansas narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio. This is how the town rebuilt with

Getting Funny with Brad Fountain

Learning at the DEN Symposium is non-stop. Today we had many choices of workshops and this one with Bran Fountain delivered many new ideas for use in the classroom. You can use the funnies or comics for a timeline, historical figures, instructions, dialogue punctuation, character analysis, plot analysis, storytelling, pre-writing tool, post-reading tool, and teaching