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Hands On Digital with Patti Duncan at DEN SCIcon 2010

Hands On Digital with Patti Duncan at DEN SCIcon 2010

Patti Duncan is a DEN STAR, a Discovery Trainer, and a global presenter. Even more importantly, she has been a science teacher for years. The wealth of knowledge she brings to this presentation combines technology and teaching experience. Patti’s resources and links for this presentation are shared here. Today’s presentation archives and resources will be

Propel Montour to host DEN SCIcon 2010

 What a great place to hold an event for Discovery Education…a school.  No room fees, no charge for Internet, and we even get to sit in those little chairs.  I was pretty pumped up when I found out that Propel Montour would be hosting this very unique virtual conference on January 9th. Even though it is

What's Going On?

For your convenience, your PA DEN Leadership Council has created a Discovery Education Events Calendar. On it you will find all things DEN, whether it is a national virtual conference, a new program premiere, special promotional galas, a live WebEx event, an EdTechConnect special keynote series, or a regional or state event. Here’s your one-place

The Michigan DEN needs YOU!

Are you a STAR DEN educator?  Are you ready to take an active leadership role in the Discovery Educator Network in the great state of Michigan?  If so, apply to become a member of the Michigan DEN Leadership Council!  The deadline is May 15.  Click here for more information.