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Moving Forward by Focusing on the Positive

Moving Forward by Focusing on the Positive

Leadership is working with others.  Obviously.  Otherwise it wouldn’t be leadership. As a new school year starts your work with others and especially with those who report to you will be a measure of your success.  It has been my experience that each of us can always improve our relationships and our communication skills.  Continual

New Beginnings

It is with sadness that the VA DEN says goodbye to Matt Monjan our wonderful leader. Matt is embarking on a new journey with Discovery. Matt will be the new Vice President of Strategic Account Implementation and DEN Account Management.  With his new position, Matt will manage Discovery’s nationwide (and Canadian) efforts. Please join me

Teacher Leadership: The Ostrich Syndrome

Head in the sand or stick your neck out? Those are often the choices that we, as teachers, face when offered leadership opportunities. Teacher Leadership is an integral part of leading and learning in our schools and classrooms. We often underestimate the power of influence that we possess as individuals, schools and larger groups when dealing