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Lights, Camera, Education!

Lights, Camera, Education!

Build on your basic Digital Storytelling skills by learning virtually from Hollywood filmmakers. The American Film Institute sought to make the ‘language of film’ accessible for educators to empower them to harness the appeal of Digital Storytelling in their classrooms. The multimedia educational resource Lights, Camera, Education! is the result. Hosted by actor Sean Astin,

AFI’s ScreenNation 2.0

Just got a press release from the American Film Institute announcing a major upgrade for the ScreenNation site. There doesn’t seem to be a hard date yet, so I’m guessing by the end of summer at the latest. Join me in posting some of your favorite moivemaking how-to’s and/or encourage your students to share their

NECC, ScreenEd & ScreenNation

Just in case you weren’t able to meet the door scene guy (AFI’s Frank Guttler) in person  at the DEN reception in San Antonio, you can see him in action on a NECC webcast. Look for “AFI Screen Education Center: Digital Filmmaking in the Core Curriculum,” Wednesday at 1:30. Due to copyright concerns for this

To Transition or…

…not to transition? That’s not much of a question unless you’re going for a cheesey, 1950’s kind of B movie trailer look. Keep yourself safe from PPTS (that’s “PowerPoint Transition Syndrome” according to my old buddy Ken Wiseman). And my new buddies Xander and Calvin make just that point in their latest ScreenNation learning video