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Peggy and Jim: Ode to Joyce Kilmer – Let’s go Paperless

Peggy and Jim: Ode to Joyce Kilmer – Let’s go Paperless

From Discovery Educators Peggy Barger and Jim Hopton: While attending and presenting at a recent teachers’ conference featuring best teaching practices and strategies, we were surprised by comments from one of the organizers.  He rated a workshop session by the amount of paper handouts given to participants.  The organizer proudly waved a stack of paper

Phy Chauveau: Are You Connected?

From Discovery Educator Phy Chauveau: Are you connected?  Of course you are.  As members of this incredible Discovery Educator Network, we find out every day just how advantageous it is to be connected to one another in order to share wonderful ideas, insights, and educational experiences.  If you are anything like me, your heart actually

Maryann Molishus on Summer School

From Discovery Educator Maryann Molishus: Has anyone counted the number of weeks until the end of the school year?  As much as I enjoy my work during the school year, I am glad to have the summer to reflect and make improvements to my teaching.  (OK, I sleep late and lie by the pool, too.) 

Jennifer Dorman: To the 21st Century and Beyond

From Discovery Educator Jennifer Dorman: Part 1 of 4As co-chair of my district’s strategic planning committee on technology, I have been researching the question, “How can technology integration in our schools best prepare our students for the world of the 21st century?”  In my research, I came across several papers written by Dr. Willard R.