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Barb Bianco on Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic Rewards

Barb Bianco on Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic Rewards

From Discovery Educator Barb Bianco: Peace, Goodwill Toward All, and Doing The Right Thing is just plain hard! Do I want to bake brownies for the PTA mtg. with my child or buy them at the local bakery and have some peace for myself in the evening? Do I write a lesson plan that addresses

Jeff Reed on Read Across America Day

From Discovery Educator Jeff Reed: The second graders of East Pike Elementary School in Indiana, Pennsylvania created their own digital story titled And to Think That I Saw it Indiana, PA.  After reading And to Think That I Saw it on Mulberry Street written by Dr. Seuss, students brainstormed highlights that one might see while

Sue Allen on Differentiated Instruction

From Discovery Educator Sue Allen: Your administration has told you that your classes for next year will be multi-ability classes unlike your current teaching schedule.  How do you plan on meeting the individual needs of all the diverse learners in your class?  They come from a variety of backgrounds, with different interests, and wide reading

Sue Keck on Instructional Coaching and Hoops

To kick off the guest blogger portion of March Blogness Month, our first guest blog is appropriately about coaching. From Discovery Educator Sue Keck: Instructional coaching in our schools is becoming more popular every day! In Pennsylvania we have a state-wide coaching initiative that involves 25 high schools and approximately 90 math and literacy coaches.

March Blogness Month: Guest Bloggers

As part of March Blogness Month, I have invited 18 Discovery Educators to be guest bloggers.  They will each post once this month and the blogger who receives the most comments on his/her post by March 30 (5 PM EST) will receive a pizza party for his/her class or faculty.  Unlike the NCAA tournament, we